Monday, March 30, 2009

Update, Contributing Artists as of March 29, 2009

Jon Cuyson, Second Hand, Georgia Sagri, Matteo Norzi and Hilario Isola, Ania Diakoff, Diana Artus, Klara Hobza, Ana Prvački and Boško Bošković, Filip Gilissen

Wednesday March 25, 2009: Filip Gilissen

Initial conversation and throw the dice. Filip says "I don't want to throw the dice myself", so he steps out of the space and brings a passerby from the street, he invites him to throw the dice. He does so and he leave. Filip check out the space within the space he will be responsible for. He asks about 'hours of operation', so he can work in the space. His piece, golden balloons letters V-A-M-O-S is delivered on saturday: VAMOS (let's go in spanish). His intervention is videotaped and photographed.

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