Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Exhibition, opens Sunday March 15, 3-8pm

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Opening reception: Sunday, March 15, 2009, 3 - 7

Exhibition is a temporary (six months) independent, not for profit art initiative located in a vacant storefront at 211 Elizabeth street in New York.

Exhibition offers an experimental and contradictory artistic and curatorial approach. Only a continuous single exhibition will be shown during this six months project. The artwork exhibited will be produced by a chain of subsequent artists interventions in the space and/or on the artwork. The work space assigned to an artist is ruled by the rolled of a dice and the artist's order of intervention is ruled by a name drawing from a hat. The artist agrees to an 'Initiation Ritual' in person and on-site that sets the conditions of participating in the project, which includes renouncing to any ownership of the art work produced, the art work is not for sale in any form, and that the art work can be appropriated, transformed and deleted by subsequent artists.

The exhibition context is created then by the intervening condition of the continually accumulating, massing, heaping, cleansing, subtraction, and constriction. An archive area is designated in the space for documenting purposes.

Contributing Artists as of March 11, 2009: Jon Cuyson, Emma Hedditch, Ilya Lipkin, Georgia Sagri

Exhibition Initiators (Founders): Eric Anglès, Nathalie Anglès, Elena Bajo, Warren Neidich, Jakob Schillinger

EXHIBITION 211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10013
Visiting hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 6

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1. The work is an intervention upon interventions.
2. The work belongs to no one and is not for sale.
3. The work can be modified, parasitized and destroyed.

1. The artist is drawn from a hat.
2. The artist agrees to these rules in conversation on-site.
3. The artist works in areas determined by a roll of dice.

1. The site hosts a single unfolding exhibition.
2. The site is a vacant storefront at 211 Elizabeth Street in New York.
3. The site is open to the public March to August 2009, Wednesday to Sunday, 12 to 6.

A six-month initiative by Elena Bajo, Eric Anglès, Jakob Schillinger, Nathalie Anglès and Warren Neidich.

Opens March 15, 2009, 3 to 7.