Friday, March 27, 2009

Update, Contributing Artists as of March 27, 2009:

Jon Cuyson, Second Hand, Georgia Sagri, Matteo Norzi and Hilario Isola, Ania Diakoff, Diana Artus, Klara Hobza, Ana Prvački and Boško Bošković

Monday March 23rd, 2009: Ana Prvački and Boško Bošković

Initial Conversation and throw the dice.
They will be working on their intervention until Wednesday March 25, 2009. Because of the hat used to draw the names of the artists who will be participating in the Exhibition project, they suggest why don't we have rabbits? 3 dice, 3 rabbits. The most common variety of rabbits during Eastern is Chocolate Rabbits! they leave on top of the desk written instructions on how to deal with them. Yes, you are allowed to eat them,
somebody already tried biting on one of their ears

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Friday March 20th, 2009: Klara Hobza

Initial Conversation and throw the dice. She will be working saturday and sunday in the space. She needs a desk to work on her paper airplanes. The desk of the space is offered to her, she places herself and the desk in the back of the gallery, facing the entrance. She displays the paper airplanes she has built in one of the columns of the space, on the back side. The front side registers the diversity of heights achieved by every plane's flight with the name of their inventors. I notice my artist friend Emily Mast is one of them. Klara leaves on the desk some of the drawings to build paper airplanes.

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